What is Self Killers Industries...

SK WEBSITEWe're a company that doesn't follow the rest. We are determined to find the best athletes in the extreme sports game and outfit action sport supporters with our gear. Our group of action stars will be composed of a variety of athletes. Ranging from FMX Riders to MMA knockout champs.

Together this wide array of action sports athletes will be know as The Self Killers Squad.  We are set on providing the extreme sports community with badass garments that will be in limited production. This will insure that the merchandise you wear from Self Killers Industries will remain unique. 

We want the iconic SK logo to not only represent our company but represent the people who wear it proudly.


New XDL Logo

The XDL Championship Series is the premier stunt riding championship in the world and attracts competitors from the U.S., Asia and Europe. No other stunt riding championship has been around as long as XDL, which over the years has led to a large international following in countries such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and many other countries. Today over 60% of XDL fans are from countries outside the U.S. and it is only a matter of time before we spread our wings into the emerging markets of Asia where 85% of all motorcycle in the world are sold. Stunt riding is fast becoming one of the most powerful international action sports, and XDL is regarded as the leading competition brand. To put it simply, XDL is the F1 or NASCAR of stunt riding.

Featured Athlete

Nick Piedmont med

On a real life vision quest.......  Going from hood famous to world famous.

Nick Piedmont, fighting out of the world famous Alliance MMA Gym in Chula Vista, CA, has an outstanding MMA career.  Standing at 5'10, fighting in the Featherwieght class (145lbs) has shown he is a force as an up-and-coming fighter.  Check him out on Twitter!

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